Our new skills’ workshops for local SMEs will ensure your business grows and thrives.

It’s competitive out there. Competitive for work, competitive for personnel. It’s easy to be left behind. The new technologies such as AI, digital marketing, communicating with staff, management development, skills upgrade, environmental concerns are all areas where you need to be up to date.

The new SkillsHub:MK workshops are aimed at ALL Milton Keynes organisations – who are urged to get involved. It offers SMEs just like you, an easy and convenient way to boost their skills and includes a wealth of free knowledge from leading experts to help you and your employees increase digital and, leadership & management skills.

Worker retention is also vital. Nationwide the shortage of trained personnel leaves you vulnerable to shedding just the staff you wish to retain. The courses on effective communication and staff management will give you the tools to help improve employee skills, motivation, and gain staff retention.

Versatile Training, Online and Face to Face

Take a look at our website. Between Digital Skills Training and, Management & Leadership Training opportunities there are 24 programmes, many of which will be relevant to your business.

It is not hard. With both online and face to face workshops that offer flexible opportunities and three different levels of engagement, your choice will be easy.

  1. Entry level – minimal prior experience
  2. Application level – learning new workplace skills
  3. Strategic level – linking skills and knowledge development to the goals of the business

The format for each workshop consists of 6 hours of training in total, with two options – taken either as one 6-hour session or two 3-hour sessions. You can book on the programme/s which suit you, your staff and business best. There is no limit on how many you can take.

And the feedback has been exciting. MK businesses are positive about the face-to-face opportunities offered and pleased with the bespoke proposals for their own situation. Course length is not a problem and can be easily accommodated as in-house training is an option. Many have asked for specific support relevant to their own needs in areas such as building customer value and experience, effective communication, leadership and management and people-oriented sales and marketing.

Addressing the Needs of Real-World Situations

The training modules are based on research recently conducted by the SkillsHub:MK – where businesses were asked to complete a Training Needs Assessment Form (TNA). The resulting answers have led to a series of training programmes as listed.

Skills’ Adviser Support

Delivered by MK College and its specialist partners, these new, tailored, bite-sized workshops will be running from Feb to April. They will provide interactive learning ensuring successful outcomes. The courses will be enhanced by expert presentations and challenges from guest speakers. Additional sessions can be organised tailored to individual business needs.

FREE to any business in MK that registers before the end of February.

A selection of courses are listed below, to register attendance visit – SkillsHub:MK Training Portfolio

Start Your Journey Now!

Introduction to Digital Marketing for SMEs
This workshop is for delegates who want an introduction to and overview of digital marketing.
Entry Level

Using Google to grow your business
This workshop is for delegates who want to understand the role that all major Google tools can play within digital marketing.
Application Level

Introduction to Digital Marketing for SMEs
For delegates who may already have data foundations in place.
Application Level

Business Skills for Business Growth
Covering the basics of running a business – starting from the very early stages of creating a business plan.
All Levels

Effective Communication
Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships.
All Levels

Managing People and Teams
Managing people requires an understanding of what you must and what you should do.
All Levels

SkillsHub: MK can advise on a wide range of solutions for leadership learning and development issues as well as bring digital knowledge and AI (Artificial Intelligence) expertise. There is an open invitation to all local businesses to get involved. 

To find out more about the SkillsHub: MK or to discuss any business issues register your interest or complete the Training Needs Assessment.