About MKAI and the AI Advancement Project

MKAI, a partner-business of The SkillsHub:MK collaboration, connects diverse minds to deliver impactful community-led projects that make artificial intelligence (AI) more inclusive and accessible.

The SkillsHub:MK will be the place where employers in the MK area can work, learn and network side-by-side with education providers, industry experts and learners. As such it will provide a high-tech professional learning environment primarily focused on skills development in AI and automation.

The MKAI Advancement project is founded on the principles of practical, interactive and inspiring learning. It aims to deliver skills development that are learner-driven and blended with an approach that offers intuitive, relevant content. The training sessions are delivered in both face-to-face and in virtual formats.

Action-driven business hub

The aim is to establish a high-tech professional learning environment focused on skills development in AI and automation. A place where employers can work, learn and network side-by-side with education providers, learners and industry experts to help SMEs handle the impact of AI on their business.

By creating a focal point for employers wishing to maximise the potential of AI, the SkillsHub:MK will provide both physical and virtual spaces that facilitate collaboration and benefit from cutting-edge training, expertise and equipment.

By bringing minds and voices into the AI conversation, this action-based learning offers the chance to learn from mistakes and experiments in a safe, commercially sensitive environment. To ask questions, provide perspectives and contribute ideas that challenge the status quo – the community will engage in a vibrant conversation.

The SkillsHub:MK will be known for having given birth to some of the greatest innovators of our time. Over time, it will become the catalyst for inward investment in MK and, as a direct result of the SkillsHub:MK, we will increase engagement of AI across business in Milton Keynes.


Regular invitations to potential funders and investors – success stories will make the SkillsHub:MK the place where AI will meet current and emerging priorities for the city and beyond.

Sharing culture

It is a place to share new technologies, resources and experiences. The SkillsHub:MK will facilitate information, knowledge and experience-sharing through face to face and online events.

Access to facilities

The SkillsHub:MK is the gateway to AI technologies for local business. Not just a physical location, the schedule of activities will blend virtual events with access to the building and its facilities.

Register your business interest in SkillsHub:MK

By registering you will be opting in to join our current Networks that span Leadership and Management and Digital capabilities.

By engaging in the Networks and our assessment we’ll support you in discovering what areas of skill growth and learning opportunities would make the biggest difference for your business.

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Technology and talent are the most powerful tools your business can use to improve and grow.

Digital Futures Event The Biztech Digital Futures event was held at The Chaffron Centre, on 7 July and was a great success. It was designed specifically for Year 12 students who would like to discover more about digital technology. Delivered through the SkillsHub:MK incentive –the intention is to build stronger links between Schools and technology companies. Trends

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MKAI Partners with UN Women to implement “Women’s Empowerment Principles”

• Following gender equality principles, MKAI is pleased to announce the partnership with UN Women to implement the “Women’s Empowerment Principles.” • As a result of this collaboration, many women in the MKAI community will benefit from empowerment strategies in their personal and professional development, as well as advancement in their careers in the AI

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Women in MKAI – Safe space for thriving

How it all started Everyone – from entrepreneurs to startups to corporate innovation departments – has been paying more attention to AI over the last few years. Following this insight, the idea was born to enable women to make the most of it. Over the past few years, there have been a lot of discussions

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New Skills Development Partnership Is Announced At The Heart Of The Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge Arc

MKAI is proud to announce our participation in a city-wide partnership to develop digital skills and artificial intelligence innovation with Milton Keynes College, the South Central Institute for Technology (SCIoT), MK Chamber, the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) and MK Council in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.  Milton Keynes College has won a

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AI In Residence At Silverstone Park

We are delighted to announce that MKAI is leading AI in Residence program in Silverstone park! According to a press release, MKAI will help its businesses identify vital technologies that will benefit their organizations as they face future challenges. Guiding Silverstone Park-based businesses through the critical types of emerging technologies is an outstanding opportunity that

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