Digital Futures Event

The Biztech Digital Futures event was held at The Chaffron Centre, on 7 July and was a great success.

It was designed specifically for Year 12 students who would like to discover more about digital technology. Delivered through the SkillsHub:MK incentive –the intention is to build stronger links between Schools and technology companies.

Trends such as automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are more than just concerns for the future because Machines are expected to handle over 50% of workplace tasks by 2025. Therefore, it is imperative that we begin to take seriously the rapidly accelerating pace of technological change and its effect on education. 

The pace of technological change calls for a major change in how, higher education keeps pace, how employers understand how to use these new technologies, and how student learning and competency can evolve to reflect this.

The most in-demand technologies will secure the future for these students by offering them the chance to develop some of the most in-demand, essential skills Milton Keynes employers are looking for.

During the morning, Year 12 students from local schools within Milton Keynes, had the opportunity to quiz our presenters about their latest projects. They asked various questions, everything from, how they got started in the industry, to about the digital futures incentive, and the opportunities available for young people, who want to get more involved in digital technology, in and around Milton Keynes.

At the event students also enjoyed the interactive sessions, hands-on, by being able to use Milton Keynes College’s latest cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. 

The opportunities are endless, with constant innovation and inspiration coming from every direction. It’s no surprise to anyone that we live in an entirely digital world and this event was the first step in the direction for these future digital changemakers.

Our presenters were as follows: 

Dr. Neil Murray, Founder, Dynamic Imaging Analytics
Neil’s team develops novel imaging solutions for space missions and terrestrial applications, ranging from flagship space missions to vehicle performance enhancements for Formula One, as well as technology to monitor the health of crops.    
Greg Hinsley, Product Engineer, John Lewis
Greg leads one of John Lewis’s high-performing, agile software development teams, building the Digital Platform that sits at the heart of everything that John Lewis does.  Prior to this Greg developed software for ITV, Sky, and the BBC.  Greg will be talking about the opportunities available in John Lewis as part of a big recruitment drive to bring more young technologists into the company.    
Jess Lovegood, UX Consultant, Aiimi
Jess designs and develops digital app user experiences for start-ups, growing businesses, and charities. She believes that everyone can and should have an outstanding experience when using technology and that user experience is everywhere. Aiimi is one of the flagship data science employers within the region. 
Ian Pulford, Smart City Consultancy
Ian is at the heart of smart city innovation in Milton Keynes specialising in the use of data and the 5G network to transform the way we move.  He is running projects at MK Stadium which include tracking vehicles, the use of autonomous vehicles, service robots, and drones.    
  MK College AI demonstrators
Students will be able to explore a brand new cutting-edge AI, VR, and AR technology demonstration suite.  

Following the event

The students said they found the experience to be inspiring, intriguing, and enjoyable. The presenters thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to involve the students and one school has subsequently been invited to participate in a programme to explore environmentally sustainable travel solutions within the city.

The Chaffron Centre