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Course Structure

2 x 3 hours

Maximum Attendees



Kristian Mackie


Entry Level


Free to MK businesses

We examine the benefits and drawbacks of different digital marketing approaches, the relevance to your business of each of the major social media platforms, the role played by your website, and the fundamentals of email marketing.

We also look at what makes for impactful digital marketing content, and explain how to create a digital marketing plan.

Course Content

You must take both workshops to make up 6 hours training. Every workshop is 3 hours long. We also offer an intensive path where you will complete both workshops in a single day.

Workshop 1: Digital marketing purpose and plans.

  • What is meant by a Marketing Model
  • Applying the Marketing Models to Digital Environments
  • Sales Funnels
  • Tools to manage sales funnels
  • Stakeholder’s refresh
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Marketing plan aims and objectives
  • KPIs vs OKRs
  • Reach Tools
  • Engagement Tools
  • Action Tools
  • Conversion Tools
  • Producing the plan.

Workshop 2: Digital marketing platforms.

  • Different Platforms for Digital Marketing
  • Taking the Marketing Mindset to Digital Environments
  • Websites in Digital Marketing
  • Accessibility and Readability
  • Producing High-Quality Content

Who is the course for?

All free dates for this course have now expired.

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