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2 x 3 hours

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Kristian Mackie


All Levels


Free to MK businesses

Course Content

Do you understand your customer value? These sessions look at customer value, the value proposition, what are your customer segments, building customer personas.

Leading on from this is a review of how to improve customer experience without increasing workload, what is the customer experience when a business grows, how is customer experience changing, how to shift mentality to look more towards customer experience and managing a shift to customer-centric organisation, and the tools to enhance customer experience.

Who is the course for?

FREE to Milton Keynes businesses – the workshops are designed for those who would like to build and improve the customer value and experience without increasing the workload.

Workshop Dates

Every workshop is 2 sessions x 3 hours long and you must attend both sessions to complete a minimum of 6 hours training.

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