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Starts at: Wednesday, 27th April 2022 – 3:00 PM
Ends at: Wednesday, 27th April 2022 – 5:00 PM
Location: Online event
Department: MK AI Advancement

About this event

Why attend

Many owners and leaders in small businesses think AI is somewhere around the corner. But AI is already here, and many businesses are already making use of it. Not the science-fiction version with robots walking the streets and flying through the air, but tangible tools that can help a business become more effective.

This is an important workshop to attend if you want to find out more about artificial intelligence and its uses in the business world.

  • How can we use AI to build closer relationships with our customers?
  • How can AI help us measure our customer relationships more effectively and act to improve them?
  • How can AI help us in product and service design?
  • How can we use it to improve our marketing and advertising?
  • How can AI help us become more intelligent in our use of information and data?
  • How can AI help us make more informed decisions more quickly?
  • How can it support small businesses in becoming more sustainable and cost-effective?
  • How can it take some of the repetitiveness and drudgery out of work?
  • What are the problems and challenges, risks and dilemmas it brings with it?

Join us and fellow Milton Keynes businesses for an essential conversation!


What will you learn?

In this short but practical and interactive conversation, full of real examples and stories, we will explore what AI is and how some of its tools are ready for use now in our businesses.

From chatbots to sentiment analysis, from augmented reality to metaverses, you will hear real stories from how businesses in Milton Keynes are taking the first steps in artificial intelligence to enhance and innovate their product and service offerings.

It is early days for AI, so perhaps it is time for you to get up-to-date and maybe slightly ahead of the curve.


Who will attend?

If you are an entrepreneur, a founder, owner or leader in a small business in Milton Keynes, this workshop will be highly relevant to you.

If you are looking to be informed and inspired and to look at the light and dark side of AI in a business context, this is an important workshop to attend.

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