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Paul Levy | Markus Krebsz


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Free to MK businesses

Innovative SUAV (Drone) solutions

There will be 2 external industry guests, an expert and a host welcoming SMEs, and students who are currently learning how to use drones in an interactive way. We’ll be inviting construction companies in the area to see first-hand the opportunities for implementing drone technology in their own workflow.

By the end of the workshop, everybody will have developed a new skill set and learned about drones.


Course Content

Greener Construction Workshop on Drone Technology and Small Unmanned Arial Vehicles (sUAV)

Get hands-on experience of Drone use in the construction industry and a clear perspective on its application. In partnership with SkillsHub:MK, MKAI will be organising the first Greener Construction Workshop on Drone Technology and small Unmanned Arial Vehicles (sUAV) will take place on 14th July, 1-4pm BST at the Chaffron Centre, Milton Keynes, MK6 5LP.


External industry guests will make this workshop immersive and innovative. The session will incorporate real-world sustainability case studies, interactive segments and a lot of live drone teaching with practical feedback from industry professionals.

The workshop will be on-site, with some workshop segments offered in different alternate formats incl. in-app screen recordings, immersive 360-videos, and behind-the-scenes footage – giving participants the chance to observe from different viewing angles and perspectives (trainer vs. drone).

Our aim:

The session will be complemented by real-life case studies, participating SMEs’ use cases and flying several field missions (subject to local flying conditions/FRZ/weather on the day). Participants will come away with a clear understanding of each stage involved in incorporating drones into their business to see results in cost savings, increased safety levels and improved development process.

What we will cover:

– A practical overview of both drone hardware (predominantly with an airborne DJI Mini drone family with some bigger drones on site too) and software to fly them as well as post-flight AI analysis and editing software.

– Practical flight demonstrations incl. simple person-/object-tracking with Ai, Way-point mapping missions and Aerial videography/photography.

– Exploration and discussion of business-oriented drone applications incl. Infrastructure inspection, Surveying & Geospatial mapping for nature conservation and greener construction purposes.

The outcome:

Construction companies in the area will be able to see how to implement drone technology in their workflow. The workshop is aimed to inspire, give participants concrete pointers on how to use innovations such as drone tech, and artificial intelligence for post-processing/geospatial mapping and to overcome initial barriers so that businesses can research sUAVs further, develop their own sUAV-based solutions and confidently embrace innovative tech and empower themselves – the Sky is literally the limit!



Example use cases:  

  • To support regular monitoring, ‘drone-in-a-box’ hubs allow automated drones to capture real-time, accurate data by performing daily routine inspections of pre-programmed routes.
  • Thermal data capture allows property managers, engineers and surveyors to identify and rectify building defects and protect properties against energy wastage.
  • A future greener supply chain by transporting building materials directly to a site from a depot using green aerial technologies.
  • Underwater impact inspection and 3D profiling.
  • Industrial renewable energy applications with GIS (Geographic Information System) and photogrammetry.

Who is the course for?

Delegates who are interested to learn how Drone technology can be used in the business world.

Workshop Dates

The first Greener Construction Workshop on Drone Technology and Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV) will be on 14th July, 1-4 pm BST at the new Chaffron Centre at Milton Keynes College.

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