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2 x 3 hours

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Paul Clarke


Strategic Level


Free to MK businesses

It looks at the reasons why every business should have plans, budgets and performance measures, and the role that data and relevant skills play in bringing them together to make strategy happen.

This means being familiar with the principles that underpin strategy, budgets and plans, recognising the role that data plays in shaping and knitting them together, and understanding how data is used to create effective performance measures that can influence the right behaviour.

Course Content

You must take both workshops to make up 6 hours training. Every workshop is 3 hours long. We also offer a intensive path where you will complete both workshops in a single day.

Workshop 1: Strategy, planning tools and budgets for SMEs.

  • Explain how strategy, long term plans, performance measures and budgets are linked
  • Identify why it is vital to underpin strategic assumptions with data
  • Recognise the importance of performance measures that can influence behaviour and why they have to be underpinned by data
  • Define how data is used to help build budgets, and monitor and predict performance against budgets
  • Recognise how data is used to exercise tight financial disciplines and control.

Workshop 2: Data for forecasting and planning.

  • Define the role they require for forecasting, prediction and business planning within their business
  • Describe the role that data can play in forecasting, prediction and business planning
  • Identify the digital tools, applications and skills that can support forecasting, prediction and planning
  • Explain how businesses are planning to use forecasting and prediction tools in the future and the skills that will be required.

Who is the course for?

All free dates for this course have now expired.

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