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Course Structure

2 x 3 hours

Maximum Attendees



Kristian Mackie


Strategic Level


Free to MK businesses

We explore the reasons why organisations want to innovate with digital tools and applications, and how the right choice of technology can accelerate the delivery of strategy and identify fresh opportunities not previously sought.

We also discuss planning and implementation, and how businesses can stay abreast of the skills needed as technological advances happen.

Course Content

You must take both 2 workshops to make up 6 hours of training. Every workshop is 2 hours long. We offer an intensive path where you will complete all 2 workshops in a single day.

Workshop 1: Components within a digital strategy.

  • Why a digital strategy is an essential guide for widespread adoption of digital tools and applications
  • Component elements that might be expected within a digital strategy for their organisation
  • Specific strategy templates that would provide a close fit with their organisational requirements
  • Ways in which organisations look out on a regular basis for technological developments that would provide them with an advantage
  • Plans to test and adopt any new technology with the potential to add value
  • The need for regular skills updates in order to exploit new technology to its fullest

Workshop 2: Implementing a digital strategy.

  • A digital strategy framework that makes the case for widespread digital adoption sets relevant targets, specifies the investment needed in time and money, identifies key projects and defines the new operational model that will be underpinned by the new digital technology
  • The reasons why ways of working would need to change and new skills be required
  • Changes in culture as an outcome of widespread digital adoption

Who is the course for?

FREE to Milton Keynes businesses – this is a strategic level workshop for Business owners and managers who want to introduce digital technology into their business and need to know how to develop a strategy and a plan that will guide them through the process.

Workshop Dates

You must take both workshops to make up 6 hours of training. Every workshop is 3 hours long. We also offer an intensive path where you have the opportunity to complete both workshops in a single day.

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