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1 Day Course – 2 workshops

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Matthew Reynolds


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Free to MK businesses

In this course, we explore how to identify the most common cyber security threats to SMEs and how to set up defences to protect your business from being exploited.

We go into detail on how to use the government-backed Cyber Essentials standard as the foundation of a good cyber security strategy.

We also look at how to affect culture change within the business to make sure everyone from management down is on-board with how to protect the business and its customers.

Course Content

Morning: Understanding the Threat

  • How SME owners (mis-)interpret “cyber hygiene” advice
  • Phishing, spam, and social engineering
  • Ransomware-as-a-service – the latest, biggest threat to your business
  • Understanding how two-factor authentication can be compromised
  • The impact of cyber crime on SMEs
  • Password hygiene and the risks inherent in poor passwords


Afternoon: Managing the Threat

  • Managing encryption
  • Choosing and deploying end-point security/antivirus
  • An interactive exercise in developing a “threat model” for the business
  • Implementing and maintaining proper backups
  • Ensuring business continuity in a cloud-first world
  • Understanding the role of cyber security insurance


Who is the course for?

This workshop if for delegates who want to understand how to get on the best possible cyber security and information security footing for their business.

Workshop Dates

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