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2 x 3 hours

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Kristian Mackie


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Free to MK businesses

We explore customer identity, and how to develop content that relates to the choices and preferences for your ideal customer personas.

We also examine the requirements for effective content that span text, images, and video and can be used within social media, websites and emails.

Course Content

You must take both workshops to make up 6 hours training. Every workshop is 3 hours long. We also offer an intensive path where you will complete both workshops in a single day.

Workshop 1: Identifying the customer.

  • Define the sales funnel process within a digital marketing strategy
  • Describe their ideal customer and create customer personas
  • Establish the relevance of different digital channels to their target customer
  • Identify the type of content that will resonate with their target customers
  • Discover influences, preferences and trends that could become a source of content for each customer persona

Workshop 2: Researching content.

  • Create a research plan that ensures content preferences are reviewed regularly and new ideas generated
  • Explore content development tools from Adobe and Canva
  • Describe the requirements for effective imagery and video content
  • Develop and post content on each of the major social media platforms
  • Create effective content for an email marketing campaign

Who is the course for?

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