Did you know the Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Mohammed Khan, was a Milton Keynes College student himself? We caught up with him to find out why he is supporting the #loveourcolleges campaign.

What did you study at Milton Keynes College?
I studied at Milton Keynes College Bletchley Campus.  I studied Business and did work experience that helped me get into the Hospitality industry. 

What has been your career path since leaving the College?
After finishing my Business Course in College, two years later I started working for a restaurant and after learning how to manage a restaurant I started to think of starting my own business. In 1994 I opened my own restaurant. It was very difficult to begin with but within 12 months my business plan started to show, and all the hard work started to pay off. Thank you to my college for giving me the opportunity to study the Business Course. It gave me the knowledge and experience to help get me started in my business.  I am still in the hospitality industry now and I run two successful food establishments.

Why did you choose college over other options?
I chose college to get my knowledge and experience on business ideas.   College helped me get the experience I needed. I would advise everyone that educational experience is important as well as work experience, you have to be motivated and dedicated.  I run my own business, it is hard work and unsociable hours. I have been self-employed now for almost 28 years.  

For last 10 years I have followed a political path as I want to make a difference to my community.

As a result, I ran in the local government elections and I was elected in 2013 to represent Bletchley the place I grew up in. It was a totally different experience. As a local Councillor in 2020, I decided to put my name forward for Mayor of Milton Keynes and am now one of the first Asian Bangladeshi Mayors in Milton Keynes.

What advice would you give prospective students/parents who are considering College as an option?
I am an ambitious person. I would advise everyone to get practical experience as well as educational knowledge.  Don’t be afraid to have ambitions and you need drive to succeed in life.